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UNIST, “A First-class S&T Research Institution” [WHY UNIST] Prof. Hyun Keo Park, Department of Physics

“What really attracted me to UNIST was its strong research activity and expertise that is recognized globally,” says Dr. Hyeon Keo Park, the Director of UNIST Fusion Plasma Laboratory. For future students considering a degree at UNIST, Dr. Park gives his top reasons why they should choose UNIST. Dr. Park states, “UNIST has a dynamic,

UNIST, Engineering New Class of Memory Technology UNIST research team, develops new tech to make stable ferroelectrics

On January 13, a team of researchers, headed by Professor Yoon Seok Oh (School of Natural Science) announced that they have successfully developed a technology to make a new functional ferroelectric material that could prove to be very useful in developing new methods of creating computer memory. “We aim to go beyond those limitations that