Interdisciplinary Project Guideline for the 1st Semester, 2018

April 3, 2018  |  편집위원


  1. Students whose 1st track is NCS(old) and have registered for ‘Interdisciplinary Project’ course this semester for graduation including early graduation
  2. Students who major in PHY, CHEM, or MTH and planning to graduate this semester
    According to the SNS regulation, only students who are senior and planning to graduate this semester are able to sign up for this course.


  1. Online Application (UNIST Portal) *refer to portal notice: ~ March 2, 2018 (Fri.)
  2. Interdisciplinary Project Period: During the 1st Semester of 2018
  3. Submission of the Posters (NCS & CHEM): ~ May 23, 2018 (Wed)
    – Poster Presentation (NCS & CHEM): June 1, 2018 (Fri) *expected*
  4. Submission of the Result (Report): ~ June 8, 2018 (Fri) on Portal

* It can be changed a little with notice.



  1. Students following the old curriculum must register for both interdisciplinary project courses of their 1st and 2nd track, and also apply for it via UNIST Portal.
  2. Students following the new curriculum must apply for the interdisciplinary project via UNIST Portal.

Guidelines for the Nomination of the Advisors

  • Contact professors in advance to nominate as advisors of Interdisciplinary Project.
  • Discuss with the professors and obtain their approval prior to applying for the project. Otherwise, you will be left out of the evaluation and fail the course.
  • When applying online, enter the name of the advisor and the proposal of the project.
  • It is recommended nominating each professor from the 1st track and the 2nd track.
  • Ii is possible to choose advisors from the other school and the track if necessary.
  • The advisors of the project should be two different professors and it is not allowed to perform the project with only one advisor.



Students whose first track is NCS(old), CHEM, PHY, MTH are required to submit ‘Interdisciplinary Project Report’ in MS WORD FORMAT via UNIST Portal by June 8, 2018 (Fri)

  • Log onto UNIST Portal and go to the ‘Course Taking’ tab at the top of the screen. • Select the ‘Interdisciplinary Project’ and click ‘Attachment’.
  • Upload the report in WORD FORMAT and save.
    Students who major in NCS(old) and CHEM(new) are additionally required to submit the result of the project in POSTER FORMAT (PDF ONLY, W*L:70cm*90cm) to the staff at SNS Admin. Office via email ( by May 23, 2018 (Wed).
  • The name of the report and the poster should be saved under the given form of words. ‘(2018-1) Interdisciplinary Project Poster 20110000 Name’
    Note: Report to the advisors about the final results before turning in and be sure to get confirmation from them since it is impossible to make corrections afterward.


  • The subject and the plan of the project are free to choose and flexible to be carried out on a voluntary basis during the semester, but it is needed to have them reviewed regularly and corrected by a meeting with the advisors.
  • Once the submission of the report is complete, contact both of the advisors and request for individual evaluation by the due date.
  • The professors will rate students’ performance upon request and give a grade of A, B, C, or F (Failing grade). Students given a grade of A, B, or C will pass the course.

Please read and understand the instructions and remember to meet the deadline. All students are strongly urged to follow the fixed schedule without exceptions.
Contact Information for further inquiries:
E-mail: Extension: 052-217-3603