• Jaeup Kim (김재업)

  • Associate Professor
  • Statistical Physics of Soft Materials
  • Current Research Interests

    Prof. Kim has an interdisciplinary background, having worked on polymer physics, nanoscience andbiophysics. Currently, his primary research interest is in the theoretical modeling of nanometerscale structure formation of polymeric materials. Prof. Kim has been using Self-Consistent Field Theory(SCFT) as a tool to find the equilibrium mean field solution of polymer nanostructures.

    Research Interest

    1. Polymer theory (Analytical / Computational)
    2. Block Copolymer Nanostructures and Nanopatterning
    3. Computational Physics / Statistical Mechanics
    4. Other soft materials (Nanoparticles, Rubbers, Biomaterials, etc.)


    Ongoing Research Topics

    1. Block Copolymer Nanostructures on Physically or Chemically Patterned Substrate
    2. Large Area Block Copolymer 3D Nano-Patterning Simulation
    3. Short Polymer SCFT development
    4.  Applying Machine Learning to Soft Matter Problems
  • Biographical Sketch
    - B. S. in Physics (1998), KAIST
    - M. A./M. Phil./Ph. D. in Physics (2005), Columbia University, New York
    Advisor: Prof. Ben O’Shaughnessy
    - Postdoctoral Fellow in B. O’Shaughnessy group (2005~2006), ColumbiaUniversity, New York, USA
    - Postdoctoral Fellow in M. Matsen group (2006~2009), , University ofReading, Reading, UK
    - 2009~2012: Assistant Professor, UNIST
    - 2013~Present: Associate Professor, UNIST
  • Selected Publications
    Surfactant effects on droplet dynamics and deposition patterns: a lattice gas model,Soft Matter (2017), in press

    Anomalous Rapid Defect Annihilation in Self-Assembled Nanopatterns by Defect Melting, Nano Letters (2015) 15, 1190-1196

    Roles of Chemical Pattern Period and Film Thickness in Directed Self Assembly of Diblock Copolymers, Soft Matter (2013), 9, 5624-5633

    Self-Consistent Field Theory of Gaussian Ring Polymers, Macromolecules (2012), 45, 3263-3269

    High-throughput preparation of complex multi-scale patterns from block copolymer/homopolymer blend films, Nanoscale (2012), 4, 1362-1367

    One-Dimensional Metal Nanowire Assembly via Block Copolymer Soft Graphoepitaxy, Nano Letters (2010) 10, 3500-3505

    Compression of Polymer Brushes: Quantitative Comparison of Self-Consistent Field Theory with Experiment, Macromolecules (2009), 42, 3430-3432

    Positioning Janus Nanoparticles in Block Copolymer ScaffoldsPhys. Rev. Lett. (2009) 102, 078303