Quantum Matter Physics

Condensed matter physics is the most active disciplines of physics branches. Its wide spectrum spans from industrial semiconductor devices to fundamental quantum phenomena originated from correlated interactions between electrons, photons, phonons, and spins. UNIST physics professors are particularly interested in the phenomena of correlated electrons and spins that are condensed in low dimensional space. Experimentalists have developed expertises in fabrication of device structures using various interface structures and stacked two-dimensional structures. Structural stability and various phases of electronic and magnetic degree of freedoms can be studied through intensive collaborations between theorists and experimentalists. Theory professors mainly focus on the first-principles electronic structure methods and electronic and atomic properties of low-dimensional materials. UNIST professors are developing world’s pioneering methods, such as parallel-processed real-time time-dependent density functional theory. Non-adiabatic phenomena of electrons and spins can be studied systematically under the concerted collaboration among UNIST professors of Physics and other tracks.

The following faculty is working on the condensed matter

Hosub Jin

Kwanpyo Kim

Yoon Seok Oh

Kibog Park

Noejung Park

The following faculty is working on the quantum optics

Jehyung Kim