• Metamaterials for extreme control and manipulation of light

  • Speaker : Junsuk Rho
    Affiliation : POSTECH
    Date : March 20, 2019 4:00 PM
    Place : Bldg.110 Room N103
    Contact :
    Host : Kyoung-Duck Park
  • Abstract

  • Metamaterials, artificially structured nanomaterials, have enabled unprecedented phenomena such as invisibility cloaking and negative refraction. In this talk, I will discuss our efforts in achieving the unique optical property overcoming diffraction limit to achieve several extraordinary nanodevices demonstration. First of all, I will discuss the recent progress realizing a super-resolution imaging device called hyperlens in wafer-scale for high-throughput real-time imaging. With proposed hyperlens array, we show the first bio-sample imaging experimental result of super-resolution imaging on hyperlenses by combining to conventional microscopy system for imaging biomolecules. Hippocampal neuron cells are imaged by visible light through the hyperlens array with resolution down to 150 nm, beyond the diffraction limit. Then, I will discuss recent development of unique nanofabrication techniques for three-dimensional nanostructures to make practical metamaterials. The first one is about reliable and truly nanoscale 3D fabrication process based on ultra-accurate and precise electron-beam lithography overlay. Based on this process, interesting metamaterials such as 3D bulk negative index metamaterials and chiral metamaterials are demonstrated. Also, the recent effort of bottom-up approach using gold nanoparticles for the isotropic 3D chiral metamaterials will be discussed as a new direction of the realization of metamaterials. I believe our efforts of unique design and fabrication of metamaterials will lead extreme light control and manipulation and contribute further advanced nanophotonics, nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing.