• Attosecond electron dynamics in atom and solid under strong field (강한 전자기장하의 원자, 고체에서의 아토초 전자 동역학)

  • Speaker : 김동언 / Dongeon Kim
    Affiliation : Department of Physics, Center for Attosecond Science and Technology, Postech
    Date : September 20, 2017 4:00 PM
    Place : 110-N103
    Host : Yoon Seok Oh
  • Abstract

  • Light-matter interaction has been long-standing topic of intensive research since 1930s, when modern physics was founded and thriving. For instance, controlling properties of a material using light has drawn interest. With advance of laser technology in both intensity and pulse duration, nonlinear phenomena can be induced as well as probed dynamically. Among many topics, in this talk, I will discuss the counter rotation effect in atom and the semi-metalization in insulator, which have been investigated utilizing isolated attosecond pulses and few cycle laser pulses, Using attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy, asymmetric Autler-Towner effect has been observed in Xe atom and ultrafast oscillation due to counter rotation wave effect was clearly revealed for the first time.Using few-cycle visible pules, we demonstrated that insulators such as SiO2, CaF2 etc. can be made metal for a brief moment.  Such field-induced current can be switched in one femtosecond or sub-femtosecond time scale.