[Spring 2014] Submission of Documents Relevant to Graduation

April 17, 2014  |  편집장
Submission of Documents Relevant to Graduation (Spring 2014)

Those who need to prepare the required documents related to graduation should submit the requested forms as detailed below:

A. Submission Deadline: Friday, May 30, 2014

B.  Required Documents  

Document For whom
Nomination of Thesis/Dissertation Examining Committee Students planning to submit their thesis/dissertation in Spring 2014.
Requested for Course Completion *Students who meet the requirements for the course completion and want to leave the school permanently without a degree in August 2014.
*Students who are selected for the technical research personnel.
Research Proposal Students in doctoral or master’s-doctoral programs are planning to submit their dissertation in Spring 2015.

C. Important Dates for Thesis/Dissertation Submission  

Date Things to do
May 12(Mon) 09:00
~23(Wed) 18:00
Input of ‘Nomination of Thesis/Dissertation Examining Committee’
Students themselves should input committee information on the portal system.
☞ How to:
Portal Log in →ERP→ Graduation→Thesis submission→Input information →Print out the form →Get the advisor’s and school head’s signature→ Submit it to the school office by May 30(Fri), 2014
☞ Student should submit the thesis/dissertation to the committee members 15 days before the defense. (The result of plagiarism checking should be submitted together with the        thesis/dissertation)
Students who have not passed the foreign language test are not allowed to submit it.
~May 30(Fri) Submission of Required Documents:
* Nomination of Thesis/Dissertation Examining Committee
* Requested for Course Completion
☞ How to:
Discuss with the advisor→Fill in the form (attached)→Get the advisor’s signature→Submit it to the school office by May 30(Fri), 2014
* Research Proposal
☞ How to:
Submit the attached form to the school office by May 30(Fri), 2014
~June 20(Fri) Thesis/Dissertation Defense
~July 11(Fri) ‘Master’s Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation Approval’ Submission

When you need the forms, please contact SNS office. (sjkim33@unist.ac.kr)