Major Courses

Major Courses
Course is Course No. Course Title Course Title(Kor.) Cred.- Prerequisite
Required PHY201 Classical Mechanics 고전역학 3-3-0 PHY101,
PHY203 Electromagnetism I 전자기학 I 3-3-0 PHY101,
PHY301 Quantum Physics I 양자물리학 I 3-3-0 PHY101,
PHY303 Thermal and Statistical Physics 열 및 통계물리학 3-3-0 PHY101,
PHY204 Electromagnetism II 전자기학 II 3-3-0 PHY203
PHY207 Physics Lab I 물리학실험 I 3-1-4 PHY101,
PHY211 Mathematical Physics I 수리물리학 I 3-3-0
PHY213 Modern Physics 현대물리학 3-3-0 PHY101,
PHY302 Quantum Physics II 양자물리학 II 3-3-0 PHY301
PHY307 Physics Lab II 물리학실험 II 3-1-4 PHY101,
Elective PHY221 Introduction to Computational Physics 전산물리학 입문 3-2-2
PHY312 Mathematical Physics II 수리물리학 II 3-3-0 PHY211
PHY315 Solid State Physics 고체물리학 3-3-0 PHY301
PHY321 Optics 광학 3-3-0 PHY204
PHY333 Introduction to Astrophysics 천체물리학 입문 3-3-0
PHY407 Precision Measurements in Physics 정밀전자계측론 3-1-4
PHY416 Semiconductor Physics 반도체물리학 3-3-0 PHY315
PHY417 Cryogenics and Superconductivity 초저온 및 초전도 물리학 3-3-0 PHY315
PHY418 Polymer and Soft Matter Physics 고분자 및 연성물질물리학 3-3-0 PHY303
PHY419 Phase Transition and Critical Phenomena 상전이와 임계현상 3-3-0 PHY303
PHY423 Computational Physics 전산물리학 3-3-0 PHY221
PHY425 Atomic and Molecular Physics 원자 및 분자물리학 3-3-0
PHY427 Introduction to Plasma Physics 플라즈마 물리학 입문 3-3-0
PHY429 Nuclear & Elementary Particle Physics 핵 및 입자물리학 3-3-0
PHY431 General Relativity & Cosmology 일반상대론 및 우주론 3-3-0
PHY435 Biological Physics 생물물리학 3-3-0
PHY437 Nonlinear Dynamics 비선형동역학 3-3-0
PHY439 Introduction to Modern Theoretical Physics 현대이론물리학 입문 3-3-0 PHY312
PHY471 Special Topics in Physics I 물리학 특강 I 3-3-0
PHY472 Special Topics in Physics II 물리학 특강 II 3-3-0
PHY473 Special Topics in Physics III 물리학 특강 III 3-3-0
CHM335 Molecular Structure and Dynamics 분자구조 및 동력학 3-3-0
MTH251 Mathematical Analysis I 해석학 I 3-3-0
MTH311 Complex Analysis 복소해석학 3-3-0
MTH451 Advanced Linear Algebra 고급선형대수학 3-3-0
MTH312 Fourier Analysis 푸리에 해석학 3-3-0
MEN220 Fluid Mechanics 유체역학 3-3-0
NSE427 Fundamentals of Nuclear Fusion 핵융합개론 3-3-0
AMS431 Magnetic Properties of Materials 재료의 자기적 성질 3-3-0
AMS230 Introduction to Crystallography 결정학개론 3-3-0
BME411 Physical Biology of the Cell 세포생물물리학 3-3-0
EE201 Basic Circuit Theory 회로이론 3-3-0
EE432  Optoelectronics 광전자공학 3-3-0
EE403  Introduction to RF Engineering RF 공학 개론 3-3-0  
CSE332 Theory of Computation
계산 이론

Recommended Course Tracks [PHY]

* : Required Course, ** : Required only for 1track
Recommended Course Tracks [PHY]
Year/Sem. I (Spring) II (Fall) Remark
2 MTH103 (Applied Linear Algebra) MTH201 (Differential Equations)  
*PHY201 (Classical Mechanics) **PHY204 (Electromagnetism II)
*PHY203 (Electromagnetism I) **PHY207 (Physics Lab I)
**PHY213 (Modern Physics) **PHY211 (Mathematical Physics I)
PHY221 (Introduction to Computational Physics)  
3 *PHY301 (Quantum Physics I) **PHY302 (Quantum Physics II)  
**PHY307 (Physics Lab II) *PHY303 (Thermal and Statistical Physics)
PHY312 (Mathematical Physics II) PHY315 (Solid State Physics)
PHY333 (Introduction to Astrophysics) PHY321 (Optics)
4 PHY407 (Precision Measurements in Physics) PHY418 (Polymer and Soft Matter Physics)  
PHY416 (Semiconductor Physics) PHY423 (Computational Physics)
PHY417 (Cryogenics and Superconductivity) PHY427 (Introduction to Plasma Physics)
PHY419 (Phase Transition and Critical Phenomena) PHY429 (Nuclear & Elementary Particle Physics)
PHY425 (Atomic and Molecular Physics) PHY431 (General Relativity & Cosmology)
PHY435 (Biological Physics) PHY437 (Nonlinear Dynamics)
PHY439 (Introduction to Modern Theoretical Physics) *PHY490 (Interdisciplinary Project)
PHY471 (Special Topics in Physics I) PHY472 (Special Topics in Physics II)
*PHY490 (Interdisciplinary Project) PHY473 (Special Topics in Physics III)
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