교과과정 (Curriculum)
Course is Course No. Classification Course Title Course Title (Kor.) Cred.- Prerequisite
Required PHY501 Lecture Classical Mechanics I 고전역학 I 3-3-0  
PHY503 Lecture Electrodynamics I 전기역학 I 3-3-0  
PHY505 Lecture Quantum Mechanics I 양자역학 I 3-3-0  
PHY507 Lecture Statistical Mechanics 통계역학 3-3-0  
Elective PHY500 Lecture Advanced Mathematical Physics 고급수리물리 3-3-0  
PHY502 Lecture Classical Mechanics II 고전역학 II 3-3-0  
PHY504 Lecture Electrodynamics II 전기역학 II 3-3-0  
PHY506 Lecture Quantum Mechanics II 양자역학 II 3-3-0  
PHY511 Lecture Elementary High Energy Physics 고에너지물리개론 3-3-0  
PHY521 Lecture Condensed Matter Physics 응집물질물리 3-3-0  
PHY541 Lecture Computational Physics 전산물리 3-3-0  
PHY551 Lecture Introductory Astrophysics 천체물리 개론 3-3-0  
PHY552 Lecture General Relativity and Cosmology 일반상대론 및 우주론 3-3-0  
PHY561 Lecture Plasma Physics 플라즈마 물리 3-3-0 DPH201 DPH202
PHY681 Lecture Special Topics in Condensed Matter Physics 고체물리 특론 3-3-0  
PHY682 Lecture Special Topics in Plasma and Beam Physics 플라즈마 및 빔물리 특론 3-3-0  
PHY683 Lecture Special Topics in Biophysics 생체물리 특론 3-3-0  
PHY684 Lecture Special Topics in Theoretical Physics 이론물리 특론 3-3-0  
PHY685 Lecture Special Topics in Astrophysics and Cosmology 천체물리 및 우주론 특론 3-3-0  
PHY686 Lecture Special Topics in High Energy Physics 고에너지물리 특론 3-3-0  
PHY687 Lecture Special Topics in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 원자분자광물리 특론 3-3-0  
PHY688 Lecture Special Topics in Computational Physics 전산물리 특론 3-3-0  
PHY711 Lecture Quantum Field Theory I 양자장론 I 3-3-0  
PHY712 Lecture Quantum Field Theory II 양자장론 II 3-3-0  
PHY721 Lecture Advanced Condensed Matter Physics 고급응집물질물리 3-3-0  
PHY723 Lecture Interface Physics of Electronic Devices 전자소자 계면물리 3-3-0 DPH301
PHY731 Lecture Phase Transition and Critical Phenomena 상전이와 임계현상 3-3-0  
PHY761 Lecture Physics of Vacuum Electron Devices 진공 전자소자 물리 3-3-0  
PHY762 Lecture Advanced Plasma Physics 고급 플라즈마 물리 3-3-0  
PHY763 Lecture Laser-Plasma Physics 레이저-플라즈마 물리 3-3-0  
PHY765 Lecture Nuclear Fusion Engineering 핵융합 공학 3-3-0  
PHY881 Lecture Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics 이론물리 고등논제 3-3-0  
PHY882 Lecture Advanced Topics in Experimental Physics 실험물리 고등논제 3-3-0  
ECE772 Lecture Nanoscale Electronic Devices 나노전자소자 3-3-0  
MSE580 Lecture Polymer Structure and Properties 고분자구조및 물성 3-3-0  
MSE631 Lecture Electronic Porperties of Materials 재료의 전자기적 성질 3-3-0  
MSE731 Lecture Advanced Magnetic Materials 자성재료 특론 3-3-0  
Required PHY590 Research Seminar 세미나 1-1-0  
PHY690 Research Master Research 석사논문연구 Value of Credit  
PHY890 Research Doctoral Research 박사논문연구 Value of Credit  
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