Course Withdrawal for the Spring Semester of 2014

Course Withdrawal for the Spring Semester of 2014 The schedule & process for course drop and withdrawal of 2014 spring semester is noticed as follows: – Schedule 1) Withdrawal: March 24th(Mon) 9:00 ∼ May 2nd(Fri) 18:00 (Core fundamentals are possible to be dropped, but CANNOT be withdrawn) – How to Apply course drop or withdrawal

2014 first-half Nine Bridges & Star Fellowship

2014 first-half Nine Bridges & Star Fellowship ■ 신청 대상 1) UNIST 대학원의 박사과정 및 석박사 통합과정 신입생 및 우수 논문 게재실적 및 연구실적을 가진 재학생 ■ 지원 내용 1) 선발 후 최초 1년간 2,500만원 지원 – 1년후 1차 중간평가를 통해 2년차 지원금액 및 지원여부 결정 : 2년차 1년간 최대 3,000만원 또는 2,500만원 등 –

박사자격시험 신청안내

2014- 1학기 박사자격시험을 실시합니다. 1. 제출기한 : ~4월 25일 18:00까지 2. 제출장소 : 2통합 행정실 3. 시험일정 : 6월말 진행예정이며 상세일정은 추후 안내 4. 신청서 : QE신청서 5. Guidline When Determined by Q.E. committee Times per year Twice per year (once for each semester) How Written Subjects (required, elective) ? Classical Mechanics ? Electrodynamics ?

Application for Credit Transfer/Credit Carryover

Among the graduate students admitted in Spring 2014, those who have acquired credits from other graduate schools or UNIST Graduate School while in the UNIST undergraduate program can apply for credit transfer. Documents required for this are as follows: A. Requested documents: 1) Credit Transfer Application (in case of credits from other graduate schools) 2)

UNIST announced the results of Early Admission for 2014

UNIST made the decisions and announced the result of the early admission for 2014 on December 6 at 10:00 AM. The applicants can see their results through the school homepage at . A total of seven hundred qualified applicants have been selected in science & engineering and business management areas through five different admission

UNIST opens the new Advanced Management Program(AMP) course

UNIST’s Graduate School of Technology Management newly will open the AMP(Advanced management Program) this coming March. The Graduate School of Technology Management aims to produce the global business leaders by converging knowledge of technology and management. Koo-yul Jung, the dean of the Graduate School of Technology Management, said, “Ulsan has been the industrial center city