Graduate Admission

The department of physics aims at being at the forefront of both exploring fundamental scientific aspects and establishing the links to various real-world applications of the central areas of modern physics. The main research areas include theoretical and experimental plasma physics for fusion science and astro/space application, physics for accelerator and beam dynamics, quantum material/optical physics and theory and experiment of complex soft matter and biological materials For more detailed information regarding our research, please see the research page.


  • Interview
    • The candidates who passed the document screening take the following interview process.
      • Master, Combined Master and Ph.D: Oral test of English skills (10 min.). QnA on Physics-related subjects (20 min)
      • Ph.D: Presentation of researches of his/her master’s degree (15 min.). QnA on Physics-related subjects (20 min).
      • * Candidates outside Korea will have a conference call for the interview. The details will be emailed.