• Tlusty Tsvi (틀루스티 츠비)

  • Distinguished Professor
  • Living matter/nonequilibrium physics
  • Current Research Interests

    Fundamental questions in living and soft matter using physical and mathematical approaches:

    • Physics of living matter – proteins, DNA, RNA.
    • Molecular Information – recognition, signal processing.
    • Evolution and Language.
    • Living neural networks.
    • Non-equilibrium physics – many-body microfluidics.
  • Biographical Sketch
    • 2015– : Distinguished Professor, Department of Physics, UNIST, Ulsan
    • 2015– : Group Leader, Center for Soft and Living Matter, Institute for Basic Science
    • 2011–2015: Long-term Member, Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton.
    • 2005–2013: Senior researcher, Physics of Complex Systems, Weizmann Institute.
    • 2000–2004:Fellow, Center for Physics and Biology, Rockefeller University, New York. Host: Albert Libchaber.
    • 1995–2000: Ph.D. in Physics, Weizmann Institute, “Universality in Microemulsions”, Supervisor: Samuel A. Safran.
    • 1991–1995: M.Sc. in Physics, Weizmann Institute.
    • 1988–1990: B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
  • Selected Publications
    1. Savir Y, Noor E, Milo R, & Tlusty T (2010) Cross-species analysis traces adaptation of Rubisco toward optimality in a low-dimensional landscape. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 107(8):3475-3480.
    2. Savir Y& Tlusty T(2010) RecA-Mediated Homology Search as a Nearly Optimal Signal Detection System.Mol. Cell40(3):388-396.
    3. Levary D, Eckmann J-P, Moses E &Tlusty T (2012) Loops and self-reference in the construction of dictionaries. Phys Rev X,2(3):031018.
    4. Lampert A & Tlusty T (2013) Resonance-Induced Discrete Body-Size Distributions. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA, 110(1):205-209.
    5. Savir Y& Tlusty T. (2013)The ribosome as an optimal decoder: a lesson in molecular recognition.Cell 153(2):471-479.
    6. Shani I, Beatus T, Bar-Ziv R. & Tlusty T (2014) Long-range orientational order in 2D microfluidic dipoles. Nature Physics10 (2), 140-144.
    7. Mitchell MR, Tlusty T & Leibler S (2016) Strain analysis of protein structures and low dimensionality of mechanical allosteric couplings, Proc. Nat Acad Sci USA113(40) E5847.
    8. Tlusty T Libchaber A & Eckmann JP (2017) Physical model of the sequence-to-function map of proteins, Physical Review X, 7(2): 021037.
    9. Beatus T, Shani I, Bar-Ziv R, & Tlusty T (2017) Two-dimensional flow of driven particles: a microfluidic pathway to the non-equilibrium frontier. Chemical Society Reviews.