• Lecture: Quantum Hall State from the beginning

  • Speaker : 박권/Kwon Park
    Affiliation : KIAS, school of physics
    Date : May 1, 2018 3:00 PM
    Place : Buliding 106 Room T202
    Contact :
    Host : Prof.Noejung Park
  • Abstract

  • In this lecture, I would like to provide a pedagogical review explaining the physics of the quantum Hall state (QHS). In particular, I begin with the integer quantum Hall state (IQHS) and explain how the IQHS has motivated physicists to think about a new phase of matter, which we now call the topological insulator, leading to an explosion of research activities on topological matter.  The physics of the QHS has become profoundly richer after the discovery of the fractional quantum Hall state (FQHS), which emerges due to an intriguing interplay between non-trivial topology and strong correlation. The backbone of our understanding of the FQHS is the composite fermion (CF) theory, where the existence of a new quasiparticle called CF provides a unification between integer and fractional QHS. I conclude by discussing some of the long-standing problems in the FQHS and also mentioning possible issues regarding the so- called fractional topological insulator.