• Present and Future of PAL-XFEL

  • Speaker : Dr. Changbum Kim 김창범 박사
    Affiliation : Pohang Accelerator Laboratory 포항가속기연구소
    Date : October 27, 2021 4:00 PM
    Place : Zoom (
    Contact : (Yejin Hwang, Academic & Student Affairs Team)
    Host : Prof. Min Sup Hur 허민섭 교수 (
  • Abstract

  • In 2011, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory started its X-ray Free Electron Laser (PAL-XFEL) project as the third hard X-ray FEL in the world. Even though we had no experience in FEL, PAL-XFEL was successfully opened for users in 2017 after five years of construction and one year of commissioning. In addition, PAL-XFEL has continued four years of user service up to now. In this talk, I would like to look back on ten years of PAL-XFEL and introduce its present status and future perspective. The operation status could show continuous efforts of PAL staff to provide a more stable FEL to users and the future plan would reveal endless challenges ahead to improve PAL-XFEL to a better machine.