• Quantum sensing based on solid-state spin qubits in diamond

  • Speaker : Prof. Donghun Lee
    Affiliation : Department of Physics, Korea University
    Date : October 13, 2021 4:00 PM
    Place : Zoom Conference Room: Physics Colloquium 2021-2(ID: 880 3379 8506, Password:1882)
    Contact : (Youn-young Hwang, Academic & Student Affairs Team)
    Host : Prof. Je-Hyung Kim (
  • Abstract

  • Various quantum systems have been studied in the field of quantum information, quantum network and quantum metrology. Among the systems, atom-like defect center in diamond crystal has got rapidly increasing attention due to its unique properties for quantum applications. Particularly nitrogen-vacancy (NV) defect centers in diamond are solid-state spin-qubits possessing remarkable quantum properties applicable to various fields including quantum information science and quantum sensing. For instance, its atomic-scale size, long spin coherence times, and high magnetic field sensitivity are suitable for nanometer and nanotesla magnetometry.

    In this talk, I will introduce quantum systems based on diamond NV centers and the basic working principles. Moreover, several sensing examples will be discussed, for instance, imaging magnetic field using single spin scanning magnetometer and wide field-of-view magnetometer. Combination of high spatial resolution and high magnetic field sensitivity enables imaging of magnetic samples and transport devices.