• Single-Atom Electrocatalysts by Defect Engineering in Graphene

  • Speaker : 김용현/Yong-Hyun Kim
    Affiliation : KAIST, Graduate School of Nanoscience and Technology and Department of Physics
    Date : April 20, 2018 4:00 PM
    Place : Buliding 110 Room N102
    Contact :
    Host : Prof.Noejung Park
  • Abstract

  • Graphene materials have been paid attention due to their unique electrical and mechanical properties. Atomic defect could be formed naturally during the synthesis of graphene. Atomistic control of graphene defects would be imperative for the development of competitive carbon-based nanotechnologies. Recently, the significance of graphene defect engineering has emerged, especially as single-atom catalysts (SACs), containing external atomic defects anchored with graphene supports. We have proposed or analyzed, based on first-principles quantum materials simulations, a series of chemical functionalization methods of graphene-based materials [1-3]. Depending on how to modify defects, graphene functionality and catalytic activity can be dramatically changed. In this talk, we will review our recent understandings about atomically functionalized graphene-based materials and their various electro-catalytic reactions including CO2 reduction, N2 reduction, O2 reduction, and O2 evolution [4-7].


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