• Stochastic transport dynamics in living or active matters-at the intersection of biophysics and statistical physics

  • Speaker : Prof. Jae-Hyung Jeon 전재형 교수
    Affiliation : Department of Physics, Pohang University of Science and Technology 포항공과대학교 물리학과
    Date : November 3, 2021 4:00 PM
    Place : Zoom (
    Contact : [email protected] (Yejin Hwang, Academic & Student Affairs Team)
    Host : Prof. Joonwoo Jeong 정준우 교수 ([email protected])
  • Abstract

  • Recent advance of single-particle tracking (SPT) technique has significantly elevated the understanding of single-molecule dynamics in living and soft-matter complex systems. Without in priori assumption on the underlying dynamics, the SPT tools make it possible to access the information on transport and/or conformational dynamics of individual molecules and, further, to obtain physical observables in a single-molecule level, without ensemble-averaging. In terms of physics, the intracellular environment is understood as viscoelastic and active media, which often results in the so-called “strange kinetics”. Currently this field, a.k.a. anomalous diffusion, is rapidly growing at the intersection of biophysics and statistical physics. In this talk, I introduce this field to a general audience with an emphasis on the stochasticity in the single-particle motion. It turns out that the information on the stochastic properties of the motion is a fingerprint of identifying the physical origins of the anomalous diffusion as well as the clue for establishing the corresponding dynamic model. Beyond these studies, I briefly overview the transport dynamics in active media. Here, I focus on the non-equilibrium dynamics of active particles under a viscoelastic feedback. Related research activities currently undertaken in my group are explained.