• Understanding the physics and biology of the collective dynamics of eukaryotic cells: How and why they live and work together?

  • Speaker : 이경진(Kyoung Jin Lee)
    Affiliation : Korea University
    Date : April 3, 2019 4:00 PM
    Place : Bldg.110 Room N103
    Contact :
    Host : 박혁규(Hyuk Kyu Pak)
  • Abstract

  • Everything associated with ‘life’ is dynamic and perhaps that’s why it is beautiful! After all, ‘being alive’ means non-static. Multicellular organisms like us are composed of many interacting dynamical units (i.e., cells) that are often laid out forming intricate structures. Life phenomena are orchestrated by the individual cells and their various connectivities. In this talk, I will discuss amazing large-scale wave phenomena in several different biological systems, a most recent example being the spiraling circadian waves within the biological master clock SCN, the active role of cellular senescence in tumor tissue restructuring, and the formation of memory in cultured network of neurons. Alongside, I will describe our computational efforts as well as experimental tools for deciphering their underlying mechanisms.

    (Figure: Large-scale cAMP waves supported by ‘dicty’ amoeba populations.)