UNIST announced the results of Early Admission for 2014

February 6, 2014  |  편집장

UNIST made the decisions and announced the result of the early admission for 2014 on December 6 at 10:00 AM.

The applicants can see their results through the school homepage at http://www.unist.ac.kr .

A total of seven hundred qualified applicants have been selected in science & engineering and business management areas through five different admission types.

The accepted students are from 383 high schools nationwide, including foreign language high schools and 133 schools in Seoul and Kyung-gi areas. These numbers show that UNIST is improving its reputation as a specialized science and technology university.

“UNIST strives to support students in all aspects. This brought the great result getting excellent students from gifted schools and other great schools,” said Director Hyug Moo Kwon from the Office of Admissions.

UNIST provides full scholarships for the first semester of the freshman year and additional benefits to those who have outstanding admission scores. UNIST also offers all students on-campus dormitories.

Registration for the freshmen will be available from December 9th at 16:00p.m. until December 11th. More detail information regarding freshman admission can be found at http://adm-u.unist.ac.kr